Please help me friends!

Today my 36 day ,morning i did urine test i got positive result.After i saw this i am very happy and also light bit fear.It is 100% correct result.

Today we can not go to the hospital,tomorrow only i will go to the hospital and also i have little bit back pain.
Me and my husband only in home,i am in bangalore.I need to go to hospital near 25km ,can i go with bus or bike please reply friends.

And also i am only need to do all work,can i do or please advise.

Thanks durga

Hi devi akka intha timela hair wash yedukalam illa?

Tharalama hair wash pannalam ma

Thanks akka.....

erukkatum ma

Good morning sister,

Can i eat கொய்யா ,நேந்திரன் வாழை,காளான் pls reply akka.

hai good afternoon guava no banana mushroom sapidalam protein dhan ma

Thanks akka

hai sathya how are u

Hi akka 2 daysa ore tired so take rest akka saptakuda pidikala enne panna

மேலும் சில பதிவுகள்