Please help me friends!

Today my 36 day ,morning i did urine test i got positive result.After i saw this i am very happy and also light bit fear.It is 100% correct result.

Today we can not go to the hospital,tomorrow only i will go to the hospital and also i have little bit back pain.
Me and my husband only in home,i am in bangalore.I need to go to hospital near 25km ,can i go with bus or bike please reply friends.

And also i am only need to do all work,can i do or please advise.

Yes da... His report is also normal... But don know why i am not getting conceived...

Congrats sathya... Bus safe than pa. Aana 3 months complete aagara vara bike journey vendam. Adhula pogum bodhu shake neraya aagum. It is not good. This is the time in which you should be careful. Weight thookkadhenga. Normal work ellamey pannalam. After 4 months nalla kuniju nimirndhu vela parunga. Take care of your health

Ok meenu do not get tension doctor advised i will also pray for you nalla healthy sapdunga

Hi Mercy thank you hospital also i went to bus only,dress wash panrathu illa ,then avoid sweeping matha padi slow va i do all work

akka are u there pls anyone reply,today doctor told i am very week nu so my appa come to home by car can i travel but i need to travel bus in one hour

Please anyone reply

5 to 10 min travel then ok no problem. u can do. long journey then please avoid up to 1st three months.

உன்னை போல் பிறரை நேசி.

Akka i can not any work oru mathiri iruku but my husband did not understand,yellorum pergant agarathu illa nee mattum specialla solranga ,ore alugaya varuthu, athunalla i want to go my native.

Always scold to me first you go to your house i can not manage you nu ,so today i call to my appa i can not any work appa so come and pick me nu

illa pa i am bangalore so i go to hosur my dad pick me hosur poga it will take one hour athunalatha keta.

inga iruka kastama iruku because i can not cook but ore pasikuthu yenna panna my husband understand me mid night yella pasikuthu,i am in thrid floor so i can not also go by milk,athunalatha

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