My friend trying to conceive pls help


I am raising this in favour of my frind who is trying hard to get pregnant. she got married in Jan 2010 and from first month she is trying to get pregnant. she told they are having intercourse at correct days. but dint get pregnant for first 2 months, then she came to dubai in feb with her husband. after that her periods became irregular, so she is not able to find the ovulation day. still they are having intercourse almost all days from 5th till 20th day. still dint get preg. she will be some what overweight. can anyone tell if this could be the reason.
she is always worried about this, wil this be a reason for not getting pregnant? this month she is expecting periods this week and having slight stomach pain this month and having bitter taste in mouth. wil this be preg symptom? pls share your experiences to help my friend.

Now she get a baby ?

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