6 month old baby girl

Hi everybody, i have a baby girl who is 7 month old.....in what intervals i can feed food and milk....can i give soild food 3 times a day.....what are the vegetables and fruits i can give to her.....


Congrats for your new bay. Can i know your & Your girl babies name?As such there is no scheduled Intervals for baby whenever she is hungry you can feed her. Usually baby cant take lot of food at a single time so you want to make someintervals for giving the feed. If you are breast feeding your baby you can continue with the same that is the most valuable food for baby compared to anything and breast feeding helps the baby from getting any infections/dysentry/fever.If you like to give some supplementary food along with your milk you can start with Cerelac , Crushed bannana, Orange Juice, boiled apple, carrot.Doctors say 7-9 months is the time for babies taste buds growth. So, Introduction of all the foods in these month will help the baby to accept all kinds of foods.You can introduce with foods now but start with one kind of food for one week so that you can see if any difference in the child .

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