Induction cooker

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எனது முதல் பதிவு இது.I need your help regarding the Induction Cooker.Is anybody using it?what type of utensils to use?currently i use only stainless steel items.can we use nonstick cookwares?please help.


I guess u r asking about Induction stove... I'm using it for sometime can use cast iron on the induction stove... they asked me not to use aluminum, copper bottom on it... so most non-stick pans can't be used as the base is aluminium...some say we can use aluminium that has coating on the bottom...I have not tried it... Also any metal on which a magnet sticks can be used on induction stove...

Thanks for ur reply.Yes..I too got the same instruction.Im searching for cast iron utensils.but all i get is either non-stick or copper based :(

If u r in India, U should be able to find cast iron utensils in most shops!!!...

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