narambu problem

hai friends
my husband is suffering from right arm pain says its nervus problem no use of tablets.pls help me ,what to do?.bye kavi

consult a phisiotheraphy doctor.phisiotheraphy is best for these problems.

Anbana bala, vanakkam.
You will have best treatment in homeopathy.

Go through the website < >
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Nalama perru nangu vazhla eraivanai vandugiran.

Anbudan poongothai.

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மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு" குறள்> அறிவுடைமை >பொருட்பால்
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hai poongothai,
thanks for ur i am in singapore ,i will consult homeopathy doctor tomorrow bye.

hi vijaya,
thanks for ur reply,i ll ask him to consult phisiotherapist.bye

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