US Moms Please help 4 months old baby food

US Moms, my son is 4 months 10 days old. In US, doctors advise to give breastmilk only till 6 months. But my baby is not satisfied with only breast milk these days.My doctor advised me to take 1 spoon rice cereal, 1 spoon similac and mix it like a paste with water. This should be given in morning and night. She is telling me to use formula in this mixture so that my baby will drink milk from me. She says that I am not reducing the milk he will drink but I am only getting him used to solid foods.She advised me to do this only after he completes 5 months. Please let me know what did your US pediatrician advice you. Dear Indian friends, here I cannot use Indian products like cerelac.That is why I am seeking help from US Moms.Anyways, I take very good care to make sure that I have enough milk for the baby by eating well. Whenever there is a drop in milk supply fenugreek capsules would bring it up.Please suggest me until one year. I do not want to wean before one year.

I meant to say that American Academy of Pediatrics say that no solid foods until 6 months. After 5 months I try to introduce solid food as per my doctors advise.

நான் எனது குழந்தைகளுக்கு 6 மாதம் முடிந்த பின்பே சாப்பாடு குடுக்க தொடங்கினேன். தண்ணீர், formula கலந்து கொடுக்கலாம். சில பிள்ளைகள் formula விரும்ப மாட்டார்கள். தாய்பால் பொருத்தவரை நீங்கள் எவ்வளவு வேண்டும் என்றாலும் கொடுக்கலாம். எனது pediatrician சொன்னது 1 வயது வரை கொடுக்கலாம் என்று. நீங்கள் வேலைக்கு போகாவிட்டால் உங்கள் விருப்ப படி செய்யலாம். நான் எனது பிள்ளைகளுக்கு 1.5 வயது வரை குடுத்தேன். நல்ல நோய் எதிர்ப்பு சக்தி கொண்டது தாய்ப்பால். உங்கள் குழந்தையின் டாக்டர் ஏன் அப்படி சொன்னார் என்று புரியவில்லை. நான் apples, pears எல்லாம் steam பண்ணி blender இல் மிக்ஸ் பண்ணி கொடுத்தேன். விரும்பி சாப்பிடுவார்கள்.

I am working. 5.5 months la dhan annaprokshanam panna poradha decide panni irukkom. mudhal mudhalaga enna food kodukkanum. pls konjam detail a sollungalen.

Hi newmom, i am also a mother of 8 months old baby in US. I started solids for my son after his 5th month completion only..i did annaprasanna after his 5th month completion...also solids are just additional supplement for the baby...Breastmilk/formula is the main food for the babies...

also dont worry abt your milk supply..its more like demand and supply...give him/her more feedings ...u can increase the milk supply...
i gave my son gerber 1st foods and rice cereal...

U can refer the previous entries in ARUSUVAI...that is really very helpful...

Sorry for the english..i am in a hurry..thats why...

Abirami, my doctor told me to start with rice cereals in the first week, oatmeal in the second week, and veggies in the third week. Please suggest me what vegetables and fruits I can give. In this one u can find out what is suitable for u

I am having a 9 months old son.I started to give him soild only after 6 month. I gave him gerber Rice cereal. I started with 1 tbl.spoon of cereal with 2oz of formula. intially babies don't know how to swallow. afer few days they might learn it.then u should follow 4days rule for every new food. Then slowly i introduced veg and fruits.I am giving him organic homemade food only.homemade is cheap and we know what it has and we can better understand our baby's teste and we can give nutritious food too. (baz in store i couldn't see cauliflower or avacoda or other veg.they r having very limited flavur only).intially i gave him apple.we shold give boil all the veg and fruits.then we should make puree of that for upto 8 months. baz before 8 months baby's diggitive part won't develop much.we should peel all the fruits too. Apple,Banana,Pears,Avacoda these are all some of the first baby fruits.Sweet potato,squash and beens are some of the first baby veg.
this site might help u very much.

I forgot to tell u. U should continue u'r brestfeeding.soild is just addtional food for babies.they r getting all nutrision and immunity from b.milk only.for 4-5 months old baby u should breastfeed every 2-4 hours or Formula 24-45 ounces

I never knew that we should steam the fruits.My kid is 6 months old now. From tomorrow I am starting veggies for him.Should I steam banana also? Thank you Kala, Abirmani and Anamica for your responses.
I have finished giving rice cereal for one week,(Earth's best organic), oatmeal for 1 week.I am planning to try one vegetable for 3 days.I am planning to boil sweet potato, grind it in mixy and then give him little diluted with breast milk.(No salt till 8 months as per my doctor's advise). When I do this can I continue my oatmeal cereals too?
My doctor advised me to give him almonds..soak it in water,grind it to a fine paste, mix it with cereals and give. She also advised me to soak dried grapes, grind it and mix it with cereals so that the baby will get iron. She said that the baby should soon start eating Indian food and not live on US products. veggies and fruits will be home made only for my kid.Please advise if you think any of the methods that I follow is wrong.

should I steam banana,papaya,apple for my 6 months,0 days old baby?

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