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உங்கள் Weight Lose/Gain பண்ண விருப்பமா? without Missing your "FAVOURITE FOOD". if u r interested ask me.

Hi Priya,

I want to gain weight... After my delivery i gained weight and in between i lost my weight.. iam eating everything only.. but iam not gaining weight..

please give me instructions to gain weight.. something like 2 to 3 kilos is also ok for me...

nanum en weight kuraika nenai keran weight 64 heigt 154 pls elp me


Hi ninjupappu,

Thanks for ur response. if ur very eager to gain ur weight pls give me some details about your height, weight & how much weight u want to gain.
this is my mail ID ' 'give the details thru this.
once again i thank u.


Hi Benazir,
Thanks for ur response. i read ur message& u pls mail ur phone my mail id ' 'i will give u instructions. once again thank u.


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