US delvery!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends

Iam in start of my 4th month,we r planning to have delivery in doubt is should we give the name of the baby soon before delivery in hospital,,if so can v change the name later after delivery so that we can keep the name as per the time the baby is born(astro)..pls clear my doubt..thanks in advance

pls clear my doubt...


Usually the hospital require you to provide the baby name before you check-out. In that case the child's SSN and the Birth Certificate will be automatically processed through hospital. If you fail to do that, you are responsible to add your child's name in the birth certificate and apply for SSN on your own. To avoid the hassle involved in applying these, it is better to give the baby name before you leave the hospital. Hope this helps. Take care. Good luck.



thank u so much Ishani...sorry for the late reply...once again thanx..


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