please help me

எனக்கு மைக்ரொவேவ் ஓவன் வாங்க வேன்டும்.எனக்கு கேக் , க்ரில் , குக்கிங், எல்லா வகையான உணவுகலும் செய்ய வேண்டும் அத்ர்க்கு எந்த மாதிர்யான மைக்ரொவேவ் ஓவன் வாங்க வேண்டும் .pls help mee.convection oven ill சமைக்க முடியாதா. நார்மல் ஒவென் மாதிரியாக சமைக்க முடியாதா.please help me sister, entha oven vaangalaam. reply me sistersss. jaleela akka pls reply me

U can buy a microwave oven with convection option in it. Convection oven can be used for baking,grilling & other slow cooking. Microwave can be used for all other cooking other than baking,grilling,roasting. Though some baking can be done in mmw, it doesn't taste as good as the one done in conv. So buy a mw cum convection oven. It's a 2 in 1 type.

Dear Dsen.
Thanks for ur mw cum convec useful for cooking some dishes. is it opossible to cook dishes in convection oven

It's commbination of mw & convec... so u can do all tht u want to do in mw & convec in it... But I'm not sure if they come with a grill rod(used for grilling whole chicken etc) in the combi ovens... it would be better for u to check with ur nearest store so u get a better idea abt its suitability to ur requiremment.

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