please help me friends i am lonely i am waiting for ur advices

hia this is prathanya from pune.... ennaku marriage mudinchu one year aagapoguthu, but nan innum pregnant aagala tomorrow is my periods date... nan eppothu en husband kuda intercourse pannina nan pregnant avan after my periods when should i intercourse with my husband.... please tell me sisters i am waiting for ur advices

try between 6-20 days

nanre sey;athuvum inre sey.

if you wanna have expert advices ... click they hav all the details good luck

என்றும் அன்புடன்,

Kavalai pada vendam. Periods aana naalil irunthu 12 muthal 15 natkal varai inter course seythaal pothumaanathu. Periods irregular aaka irunthaal daily dates saappidavum. Neengal weight athigam irunthaal weight-ai kuraikkavum. Pinnar oru nalla Gynacologist – ai cosult seyyavum. Viraivil goods news varuvathai ethirpaarkum....
sakothari . samrad.

hi prathanya..
My first tip is not to worry at all..when ur mind is not well,that itself will lead to delays in be cool all time.
Secondly,if ur periods is regular,say u get in 28 days,then day 14 will be ur ovalation u need to have sex 4 alternate days before(oru naal vittu oru naal)and on the day of ovalation and the next 4 alternate days..that will, suppose u get ur periods on 1st of the month, then have intercourse from 8,10,12,14(must),16,18,20,22..but this applies only if u have regular periods.....(Usually it is calculated as 14 days before ur next periods is ur ovalation date).so if it is 30 day cycle,day 16 is ovalation date...and so on...But if u have irregular periods,say more than 35-40 days of cycle,then it is difficult to predict ovalation..u may use a ovalation kit in such case for a full month to determine to date..check up ur thyroid levels..that too are a factor..if u are obese,reduce your weight.thats it...all the best my dear...

also check for PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome) is very common in ladies now..

hi prathanya
i am married for one and half yrs and i am also trying for baby. dont give up hope. i know how difficult it is while we r expecting. the trouble is more from relations. dont lose hope.
if u have regular periods , it is like the day on which u expect ur periods minus 14 days . u have told on tomo so 17th apr. it means u should try from around 28th mar to 8 th apr, those would be ur most fertile days. these dates are if u have 30 days cycle. otherwise u can calculate by minus 14 days and start trying 5 days before for 10 days.
have a good day

iam also having the same problem for me marriage mudinchu 1 1/2 years aguthu iam not pregrent before i had irregular periods but now its ok after treatment it became 28 days cycle doctor told to have sex after 10days daily for 6days and we tried for 3 months but no good result and i have another problem when we finished having sex simen is coming out for me imediately i don't know what to do this is a big problem for me and i need ur help at which date to start, periods came on 17th apirl (please help me friends) iam new to this blog.........

just see the ovulation calander available in site to find the fertile days as per your periods and ty to have sex on those days..
take folic acid tablets its available in shops..
eat more fruits,veg,cereals and pulses..
maintain your look and concentrate on ur beauty a little..
have sex with love..not thinking whether u will have kid or not..
lift your leg and keep in that position for 20 mins after sex. ensure that semen go inside..
All the best..have a pregnancy test kit..u will get a healthy and beautiful baby soon..

Hi friends,
As Jayanthi told, after the intercourse lift ur back and leg(together) and don't move for minimun 2 mins. While intercourse, don't think of the baby, keep ur tension away & enjoy and do it between 9th day to 16th day after the first day of ur periods.
All the best, next month u will be pergant for sure.(After 3 years only i got a girl baby.By following the above steps)

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