please help me i am feel lonely friends

hi this is prathanya from pune, ennaku marriage mudinchu one year aagapoguthu, but nan innum pregnant aagala tomorrow is my periods date, after me periods eppo nan en husband kuda intercourse pannina nan pragnant aavan.... please help me friends,my days are going very sad and crying please

after three days when ur perod is over u can have inter cource.then there is possibility for quick pregnency

எனக்கு இதயம் என எதுவும் இல்லை.கவிஞனாக வேண்டும் என்ற துடிப்பு மட்டும் உண்டு.இவை ஒரே நாளில் கவிஞனாகும் முயற்சி இல்லை.பலநாள் கனவுகள் ஒரு நாளில் கவிதையாக்கும் பயிற்சி.

ஷேக் முஹைதீன்

dont worry ur 8th day to 20th day u can meet but u have any period or hormone problems pls consult ur dr i am also married 2.5 years then now only i am pregnant so relax ur mind உங்க வீட்டில் நல்ல பாப்பா படமா மாட்டிவைங்க give ur husband that days pomagranite then u dont take heatitems ex lemon and tamarind thats all

வாழ்க வளமுடன்

dont get tensed or worried thats the first enemy you are much like me dear
i had the same problem like you.. go to good doctor and u both first consult ... they may tell u the right solution..take prescribed iron tablets and good sleep dn worry first ..when i had this problem we both consulted a doctor we are all alright be happy think ur husband as your lover and both dream about your future life with your kid this wud surely help you is important... i jus t followed this now my kid is one year old... hope you would prayers are with you

என்றும் அன்புடன்,

Hi Prathanya,

Dont worry daily take mathula Rasam or mathulai manappagu will available in all Nattumarunthu kadai. Also give your husband daily badam Should 3 badam already soaked in overnight and morning jus samshed and mix with milk. Will work

u dont feel sad friend,I am from australia,i have two friends they also
have same problem.they didnt pregnent last 4 years.
they are ate kiwi fruit,antha fruit-rkku pregnent-aga help pannum
hormones ullathu.Athu pune-vil kidaithal sappidungal.
my friends ate that fruit one month after they got pregnent now they got friend have boy baby,another friend have girl baby's
are good and they are very happy.

In this times u dont get angry,and tension.u make intercourse 5th day of period and two days once.Dont make sex close to period date.and early morning neengal bed-i vittu ellamal.another idea neenkal mela ungal husband kila make sex.Early morning is very good idea.

after intercourse u drink more water.

keep smile forever

after u r periods wait for a week, after tht is the fertile period tht time is good. 1 week before periods & 1 week after periods in safe period. u wont get pregnant tht time.

hai deepasri how r u? naan arusuvaiku pudusu.eppadi tamil type pandrathu?enaku marriage aagi 2 years aaguthu.ithukulla na neraya doctors pathuten neraya tablet eduthuten no use.i am in saudi arabia.ingey kiwi fruit kidaikuma.appadi kidaithal athai daily sapidanuma? husband kooda sapidala? i am waiting for yr reply.pls answer me.

hi naanum arusuvaiku pudusu so enakum tamilla type panna terila enakum marriage aagi 2 yearsku aparamdan nanum consieve aanen so dont worry its not a big problem and iam in ksa

டியர் ஜாஸ்மின் & 1984 -1974 (என்ன பெயர்ப்பா !),
நீங்கள் google transliteration tool use செய்யலாம்
egalapai use பண்ணலாம்
இதை நீங்கள் டவுன்லோட் செய்ய வேண்டும்
சைட் கீழே பார்த்தீர்கள் ஆனால் தமிழ் எழுத்துதவி இருக்கிறது
ட்ரை செய்யுங்கள்

என்றும் அன்புடன்,

hi 1984_1975

I am from australia,naanum arusuvaikku puthusudhan,u download google tamil typewriter.I have no idea about that tablets.
saudi arabia-vil kiwi fruit kidaikuma enru theriyala but u try to supermarkets.Kidaithal athai daily 4 to 5 fruits saappidungal pregnent annapiragum continue seithaal nallathu.ungal husband-um kettu iron tablets saappidunga ennakku therritha varai many people iron defiency-al affect-aaguranga.
Maybe adhanal kuuda pregnency aagama irukkalam.

keep smile forever

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