preganancy vamititng and giddiness

hi friends,
i had eight weeeks preganent, i have vomiting per day five times and giddiness. i am here alone with my kid 4.5 years old. i cant prepare my break fast and other home works. i suffer most of day, idont know how long it will take. when my first child i suffer 3 month but not sevior now i cant manage. please tell me how to over come from this suffering.
this is planned preganency. i know this is hormon changes, please give me some natural way become stable condition.

always lovingly,

Dont keep ur stomach soon as u get up eat something

thanks friend,
i try to follow your advice.

More times suffered with vomiting leads to severe tired and giddiness. So my advice is take more fluids (including fruit juice, veg soup, milk, water etc.) at 1 or 2 hours interval. Don't take heavy food at the same time. Take small serving of food at 4 or 5 times a day. Avoid take food immediately after getting vomiting. If you have vomiting or vomiting sensation during or after the brushing, avoid tooth paste and tooth brush. bcoz it will iritate your throat.Use Gopal tooth powder gently.

she(deepa) has to bare with it, it can not be avoided, By doing following deepa can reduce,
1) Let her have fresh air (dint stick in the room) means should have plenty of ventilation.
2) have mints
3) don't take heavy food, Rather she should take small food for many times
4) Don't go for masala foods
5) Divert her mind,
6) (all hubands important to see this) Don't shout at her, Give lot of love to her

This will make her comfort.

Sounds like she's hacking up some bile. She needs to keep a regular supply of tolerable food inside her, not try and stick to 3 meals a day, but have 7 or 8 healthy snacks throughout the day. That will keep her blood sugar levels equalized too. I'd suggest a glass of OJ beside her bed before she wakes up each morning, so she can drink it in bed and start the day slowly before having to get vertical. Dry toast or saltine crackers are also good. You might try PreggyPops or Ginger Candies which can help with nausea. Hope deepa feels better soon. xoxox

thankyou for your help its very useful for me

keep smile forever

hw are u,Thanks ur help.

keep smile forever

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