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hi to all. I am new here. I have 10 months old baby. My problem is she is very lean and not eating well.i am giving only cerelac and lactogen milk, how can i give rice to her? please tell me that too. 1 month back she had loose motion and vomiting. I consulted doctor for this. doctor told that it is because of infection and suggested to give domperon, bactrim , dyrade m, neturolin b syrups for the recovery. I provided that for the solution. now loose motion is arrested. but for the past 3 weeks motion is in green color, still it is going as it is. I need a solution for this. kindly inform me if there any solution for this.
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சகோதரி குழந்தைக்கு கடைவாய்பல் முளைக்கிறதா என்று பாருங்கள்'அதர்க்கும் பச்சையாக போகும்

All types of Vegetables Can be boiled & mashed to form Puree & then you can boil Fruits like apple, pears mix with vegetables & you can give it to baby, they will like very much & healthy too.
1)Boil Potato & mix with boiled apple, remove skins & make it to paste which can be given little by little
2) Pears can be boiled & given with rice paste
3) Banana paste
4) Boil all types of Dhall,make it to paste & give to baby
5) even all types of NUTS can be dried & powdered & then boil with water & add some milk & can be given to baby

dear friend vijaya,

Thanks for your reply.
There is no teeth coming like that. but front side 1 teeth has come. let me wait for some days and tell you regarding this.

Thanks to sathya for giving nice tips, i will follow this

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