formula milk

Now my baby is running 12 month. my feeding schedule morning 7am formula milk(120ml), 9-breakfast(kanchi,idly,dosa), 11am-steam apple or avacado 11.30- formula(120ml) and he takes nap.2pm- he wakes and i feed meal(rice, veggie, dhal mixed,sumtimes keerai, rasam) 4pm formula(120ml), 6pm 5 biscuits feed by spoon or cerelac, 8pm dinner(milk rice),11pm formula milk(240ml), Is it correct my baby diet. Pls help me.

My doubt is how many feedings formula daily, im giving 4times a day, 2 times night. Is it correct. sorry i dont know how to type in tamil.

Hi Jaya, me too new to this site eventhough am member of this site past one year.
Hope ur diet formula is perfect.
Eventhough am giving some suggestion.
you can try - kelvaragu in 9 am breakfast (kelvaragu kul with sugar & milk)
11 am u also try to give banana
u try to give egg yellow part
u can suggest this diet with your doctor and start to give.



Thanks for ur reply eswari. Im giving kelvaragu kanchi already in breakfast alternative days. i tried egg yellow part too. A little bit of chicken, and fish also tried. i give non veg once in a week, so one day egg alternative day chicken or fish like that. I tried banana but i have doubt if banana is cold, thatsy i dont give. if my formula feeding is correctaa?


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