follicular growth

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I am married.we are trying for baby last 2yrs. i have very regular periods 28 to 30days. but i didn't get pregnant.we went to doctor all reports are fine. after that she ask me to take follicular study. my reports was so bad i don't have my follicular growth. then she gave CCQ 50mg tablets from 2nd day to 6th day of my periods. after having the tablets i got good growth in my follicular . still i din't get pregnant.. every month she is giving the tablet. my growth also good..but no result. i did 2 IUI also my bad was failed.. so i don't know what to do..please suggest me any other treatment..

தோழி பிரியா தங்கள் கேள்வியை தமிழ் லில் கேட்கவும் அப்ப தான் எல்லாரும் பதிவு இடுவார்கள் இப்படிக்கு சௌமியன்

Priya, I think you are aware that a healthy egg will be released only by a mature follicle. I feel your doctor is giving you the right medication for improving the size of the follicle so that it releases the egg. I think you should continue your medication and go in for follicular study regularly. If you are not satisfied with your current doctor, you can always opt for a second opinion. Good luck.

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