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பின்வரும் vaccine களுக்கு விளக்கம் & எத்தனை கால இடைவெளியில் போடவேண்டும். OPV,IPV,DTwP,DTaP,HIB,Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine,Rota Virus,MMR

தோழியே இந்த அட்டவணையை தெரிந்து கொண்டு ஒவ்வொருமுறை மருத்துவரிடம் சென்று தடுப்பூசி போடும்போதும் விளக்கமும்,அடுத்து என்ன ஊசி உள்ளது?எப்போது?காய்ச்சல் வருமா(சிலதுக்கு வராது)?வந்தால் ஐஸ் ஒத்தடம் நல்லதா?இல்லை வெதுநீர் ஒத்தடம் நல்லதா?என்று மறவாமல் கேட்டுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்.......

Age Vaccine
Birth - BCG,Oral Polio Vaccine - 1st Dose
Hepatitis B Vaccine 1st dose.
6weeks - DPT 1st Dose:Haemophilus Influenzae B Vaccine-1stDose
Oral Polio Vaccine-2nd Dose,
Hepatitis B Vaccine 2nd dose.
10 weeks - DPT 2nd Dose,
Haemophilus Influenzae B Vaccine - 2nd Dose,
Oral Polio Vaccine - 3rd Dose.
14 weeks - DPT 3rd Dose,
Haemophilus Influenzae B Vaccine - 3rd Dose,
Oral Polio Vaccine - 4th Dose
Hepatitis B Vaccine 3rd dose.
9 months - Measles Vaccine
15 ? 18 months - MMR(Mumps, Measles, Rubella),DPT (1st Booster Dose)
Haemophilus Influenzae Booster Dose,
Oral Polio Vaccine - 5th Dose.
2 yrs - Typhoid Vaccine.
5 yrs - DPT 2nd Booster Dose,Oral Polio Vaccine - 6th Dose.
10 yrs - TT - 3rd Booster Dose
15-16 yrs - TT - 4th Booster Dose
Source: Indian Academy of Pediatrics


ஹெப்-B - ஹெபாடிடிஸ்-B தடுப்பூசி

DPT - டிப்தீரியா, டெட்டனஸ், பெர்டூஸிஸ் தடுப்பூசி

MMR - அம்மை நோய் தடுப்பூசி

டெட்டனஸ் பூஸ்டர் - 5 வருடங்களுக்கு ஒரு முறை.

உங்கள் குழந்தைக்கு தடுப்பு ஊசி போட்டபின் ஏதாவது குறிப்பிடத்தக்க மாறுதல் தெரிந்தால் அடுத்த முறை தடுப்பு ஊசி
போடுமுன் டாக்டரிடம் தெரிவிக்கவும்.

தங்கள் விளக்கத்திற்கு மிக்க நன்றி.அப்படியே டீப்திரிய,டெட்த்ன்ஸ்,பெர்டியுஸ் ,tendans booster,haemophilus infulenza booster,DTPஎன்றால் என்ன?KONJAM VILAKAMAGA SOLUGALEN PLEASE


why we have to give measles vaccine seperate since it comes under MMR vaccine?

God is good

please note the following IMMUNIZATION india. AGE VACCINE BIRTH BCG,Oralpolio vaccine 1st dose,Hepatities B vaccine 1st dose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 1/2 months Hepatitis B vaccine 2nd dose, DPT 1st dose,oralpolio vaccine 2nd dose, Hib 1st dose. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 1/2 months DPT + Hepititis B vaccine 2nd dose,oralpolio vaccine 3rd dose,Hib 2ndose. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 1/2 months DPT 3rd dose, oralpolio vaccine 4th dose,Hib 3rdose -------------------------------------------------------------------------6months Hepitis B vaccine 3rd dose. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 months Measles vaccine----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 months MMR (Measles,Mumps,Rubella).--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16 months Chickenpox vaccine.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17 months Hepatitis A vaccine2nd doses.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 months DPT booster,oral polio vaccine booster,Hib booster.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 years Typhoid vaccine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 1/2 years DPT 2nd booster, oral polio vaccine 2nd booster.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 years Typhoid booster.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 years Tetanus Toxoid 2nd booster,Hepatitis B vaccine 3rd booster.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 years Rubella vaccine.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DTP= Diphtheria,Tetanus,Whooping cough.

Think about Child Safety - Always.,At all places, AT ALL AGES.(1)Keep all medicines, vitamins,cleaning products in locked cabinets.(2)see that smoke detectors in your home are working.(3)Children may fall from cot/tables/stairs. Prevent that. (3).keep hot water ,food & drinks out of reach. (4). keep knives & sharp objects away from children. (5) provide age-appropriate car seats for children. They reduce risk of death by 70percent .(6) Never leave your baby alone in bathroom, not even for a minute. (7)keep children away from windows. dont keep furniture near windows. (8) Dont give toys with detachable small parts. (9) Keep plastic bags & deflated balloons out of reach. (10) Keep matches & lighters in locked cabinets. (11) Bicycle helmets reduce risk of serious head/brain injury by 88 percent & face injury by 65 percent. (12) Teach children about street-safty. ,how to cross roads,watching for vehicles etc. (13) Always watch your children in swimming pools, bechesetc. Teach them how to swim at an early age. those above points my pediatrician told me. thanks my pediatrician. with regards g.gomathi.

my pediatrician given to me infant feeding chart . i would like to share with you. (1)0-4 ---months Breast milk 5-10 feedings a day.(or)Full year Infant formula 17-32 fluid ounces a day. cereals & Breads,vegetables,fruits,protein foods dont feed them. (2)4-6 months ---Breast milk 4-7 feedings a day.(or)full year infant formula milk-26 -40 fluid ounces a day. cereals & Breads=Rice or barley infant cereals (iron fortified). mix 2-3 teaspoons cereal with formula ,water ,or breast milk and feed with baby spoon. (Dont expect baby to eat much at first.) Fruit Juices=infant 100 pertcent fruit juce s such as apple juice (avoid orange and tomato juice now. )2-4 fluid ounces /day. (3).6-8 months---breast milk 3-5 feedings a day.(or)full yearinfant milkformula 26-33 fluid ounces a day. Cereals & Breads 3-9 tablespoons a day two feedings a day. oven-dried toast or teething biscuits. Fruit juices =4 fluid ounces a day. Vegetables=strained or mashed ,cooked vegetables; darkyellow or orange (not corn) ,dark green. start with mild tasting vegetables such as green beans ,peas,or squash1/2to 1 jar or 1/4 to 1/2 cup a day.Fruits=strained or mashed fruits (fresh or cooked ), mashed bananas,applesauce 1 jar or 1/2 cup a day. Protein foods=try plain yogurt. (4)8-10 months-----breast milk 3-4 feedings a day.or full year infant formula milk 21-32 fluid ounces a day.Cereals & breads-infant cereals or plain hot cereals.toast,bagel or crackers, teething biscuits ,Frits juices - 100 percent fruit juices including orange and tomato. Vegetables =cooked,mashed vegetables. Fruits = peeled soft fruit wedges, bananas,peaches,pears,oranges,apples. Protein foods=ground or finely choppedchicken, fish,and lean meats (remove all bones,fat ,and skin). eggyolk,yogyrt,mild cheese. thinned peanutbutter. cooked dried beans. (5). 10-12 months-----breast milk 3-4 feedings a day. or full year infant formula milk 21-29 fluid ounces a day by cup or bottle. Cereals & Breads infant or cooked cereals unsweetened cereals,whole wheat bread,mashed potatoes,rice,noodles,spaghetti. Fruit juices =all 100 percent fruit juices. Vegetables=cooked vegetablepieces.some raw vegetables:carrots,tomatoes,cucumbers. Fruits= all fresh fruits peeled and seeded or canned fruits packed in water. Protein foods= small tenter pieces of chicken,fish ,or lean meat. whole egg,cheese. yogurt,cooked,beans,peanut butter. Thanks my pediatrician. with regards g.gomathi.

some tips for u how to feed your children .1. Dont give your baby honeny. some cases of infant botulism from raw honey have been reported. 2. avoid over feeding. stop feeding when baby turns away from food or shows dis interest. 3. use baby spoon to feed cereal and other foods .do not put cereal in bottle .4.feed only formula or breast milk for the first 4 to 6 months -no solid foods. 5. use formula or breast milk , not whole, skim or 2percent milk until babys first birthday. 6.dont add any sugar or over salt to babys food,check lables of packaged food and avoid added sugar and salt. 7. introduce one new food a week once baby is ready for vegetables and fruits. 8.feed baby food from a bowl not the jar. 9 . dont offer baby sweet desserts,soft drinks,fruits-flavoured drinks,sweedenedor sugar -coated cereal. 10. buy plain vegetables,fruits,and meat baby food, combination dinners contain added starches and water.11. some nutritionsts advice offering vegetables before fruit to avoid setting up a preference for the sweet taste of fruit. 12. ask your baby'sdoctor about any concerns or questions you have about infant nutrition. with regarts g.gomathi.

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