type of food item for 10month baby

what type of food items can give to 10month baby?

how r u? how is ur baby? u can gve idly, idiyappam, dosa by covering with a lid and not putting oil, mixing with sambar with very little spice. u can boil rice and moong dhall , smash and gve. or u can boil rice,moong dhall,spinach leaves 2 to 3 or u can boil rice, carrot or beet root and give. u can give soups also. u can also gve curd and curd rice. all types of vegetables u can start to add little by little. u can start to give egg,fish also. everything start to give little by little and see whether it is ok for ur baby. use only moong dhall,it is very good. start to gve boiled nethra banana, apple, pears.

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give some vegetables like boiled carrot, beatroot, egg, rice.

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