How to reduce my weight?

Hi Friends,
I'm very much happy to join the member on this page.4 years back we have got married.we missed our first baby at 9 1/2'th month .B'coz the cord have surrounded the head of the baby at three times.My dr. also couldn't find that problem correctly at the correct time.So our baby was died internally.After that incident me and my husband also totally upset we didn't try
the next baby (B'coz of my fear).Now we decided to plan for our baby from th April or May.But i have over weight.My weight is 73.2(till Dec).So We decided to plan to reduce my weight through HERBALIFE. Now my weight is reduced at 3 kg(till Jan). But i have desentry problem from the past 4 days.The distributors told it is the process of fat burning.But i have doubt may i further continue to this product.?.Pls, anyone can help me to give idea to this product?B'coz i won't like to miss our next baby at any circumference.

hai radha..enaku ipo 9 vathu masam...enaku cord around the neck nu scan la iruku pa...enaku payama onum prob ila... delivery apo sari aidum nu sonaga...ungaluku epo cord around anathu therium?plz tell me..ethum prob iruka?

Hope is necessary in every condition:)

Hi Ma,
You first get relax.My problem is different.Unfortunately my problem was Found out at the lastmoment only.So we couln't do anything.This is not same for everybody.So you don't take it serious ma.feel free.Listen musics read the books you are interested.Now your baby is watching your actions and feels your feelings.So You don't worry.Dr. also told you na.They will help you. just simply watch the baby movement regularly. Believe god and pray strongly. U must get healthy and Qute baby.

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