weight loss

hi everybody,
I am new for arusuvai. my name is viji. i have pco problems. so i loss my weight quickly. pls help me friends.

Hi Viji,

I hav followed these things. u can try.

1.Positive approach.u should hav confidence.
2.Have lemon,honey with hot water in empty stomach.
3.Avoid 3 white Rice,salt and sugar.
4.Eat more fruits and vegetables.
5.avoid oil items,fried items,fast food,packed food,ghee,oil.
6.Have horse gram,Channa,papaya.
very imp daily atleast one hour brisk walk and half an hour exercise.

Vennila Balasubramani,

If u start judging ppl, u ll b having no time to love them.

Hi vennila,

thanks for your tips. i will try.ok stil then bye.

நான் 90 kgஇருந்தேன்.வாகிங் போய் 8 kgகுறைத்தேன்.இப்போ வாகிங் போக முடியல அதனால Dr.Tea வாங்கி குடிக்ரேன்.இதனால் வெயிட் குறையுமா.பிளிஸ் யாராவது சொல்லுங்க

Fantastic reply and simply superb. Will help many people who likes to reduce weight

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