pls reply my question...its very useful to alll

enaku marg agi 4 months....feb 6 marg..feb 12 period come then march 31 to april 17 varaikum drop drop ah vandhuchu ..then i consult doctor..she scan panapa normal ovarie with normal uterus..the she give regstrone tab then after 5 days clear ah vandhuchu ..then iron and folic acid tab kuduthaga this may 28 th clear ah 6 days kita period vandhuchu
.....enaku period agi now 18 th idupu vali..wat prblm work vedu kela ukandhu than thodaipen adhanala any prblm.
.1 personal questio....
1...last 5 days husd kuda contact vatchukakudha....which days is best get prgenany.....
2...then doctor enna drink more sonanga..
3... folic acid tab sapdurathala correct 3 to 4 months peroid varuma??
illa folic sapdum podhen baby form aguma????

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