how to control the shopping mania and save money

hi to all, i am a visitor for this website for past 2 years this website is very useful to every women and discussing many useful things and giving ideas , thoughts, food receipies and many graft works. i am impressed very much. now i am asking my question how to control shoping mania that is i am always buy anything whenever i go outside. but after coming home i feel not to buy how to control my unnecessary expenses. pls help me.

Take limited cash with u.
Never use card(debit / credit card) to buy stuffs.
Plan on a budget before u go shopping and try to limit ur shopping withing the budget.
When u feel like buying some unnecessary stuff, control urself and save that amount in a box. Do so for a few weeks and see how much u have saved(ie how much u would have spent unnecessarily). Hopefully, that will bring abt a change in U. ;)

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