hi frds if u knw anybody reply me plss

enaku last month december 24 period vandhuchu then 10th day hsg x ray test pananaga ahdula normal ..ellame throid normal pcod illa....then this month inum period varla.....
for my question...

1...nanum en hubd yum contact vatchukitathu day 20 th irundhu than ..bcoz am in my amma home...... any chance to get pregnant

2...HSG x ray panna periods and ovulation delay aguma......

naanum hsg seythu irukiren. enekku correcta 28, 29 daysle periods aayudum.hsg seythe anthe month 40 days aachchu periods aahe.and next month 32 days aachchu periods aahe. athen pirehu next monthle irunthu periods 28 daysle corretaa vanthu cycle correctahiduchchu. docter sonnathu ithu normalthaan after hsg ,ovulation patri think panne vandaam periods aahi 9 to 20 days varai kattayam contact veiththuk kolle docter sonnar.

baby iruka da

innum baby illei. january 20 - 2013 enekku iui seithullathu.innum 2 days ullathu blood test panne. rombe tensiona irukku. ithu enekku 1st iui.

dont feel da surely u get baby this month.... pray ur fav god........

Thanks for ur kindly reply. always im praying Allah.

Chance iruku. 20th annikku than enaku concive achi. hsg pathi theriyala ma.

nanga contact vachadhe 20 th day and after days than

Hai Dear
WOMAN'S MENSURATION CYCLE IS DIVIDED BY 3 QUATERS PA. I QUATER (1 to 9 days).i mean periods ana date la irunthu 9 days pa. intha 9 days la nama kandippa SEX VACHUKA VENDAM. II Quater (10 to 20 days). 10th dayla irunthu 20th day varaikum nama ORUNAAL VITTU ORUNAAL SEX VACHUKKALAM. daily vaika vendam b'coz daily vachukitta gents oda sperms counting reduce agidum. athanalathan doctors 1 day vittu 1 day vaika solranga. important one namma EGG 1day kum avanga SPERMS 2 days kum UYIR irukkum. II Quater (21 to 28). intha dayslayum doctors maximum sex vachukka vendamnu solluvanga. vachukittalum onnum problem illa pa. purijutha? try panni paarunga. better result kidaikum pa. valthukkal.

for my doctor told this formula....baby iruka

Hai dear,
Enakku innum baby illa. nan ennoda pathiva "34th day IUI pls pray for me" nu potrupen parunga. nan IUI panniyum 37th dayla today periods vanthuduchu pa Rs.13000 selavu panniyachu. kadavul kaila oppadachutenpa.

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