PLS Clear my dobut

hi sisters& friends , preg. test kit shows one dark pink line and another one is very light or pale. i am in deep confusion.on the same time i had period middle one day. please clarify my doubt

hi......frnd...epo pregnancy kid la test paathinga.........after that test u got the periods ah.?

keep smiling;);)

Hi Friend, Pls dont confuse, first u have to consult a doctor and tk medicine . . .

hi,sangekumar thanks pa iam new for this last peroid march 4 peroid cycle is25 days,april 1 igot aperoid but bleeding less, ithought this regular peroid fou.r days ihv nauses.iask my frd she take pregancy line is pink,2nd line light pink.confuse for me.pls clear my dobut becasuse iam in andhra.

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