Baby lotion

My apologies to type in English. Can anyone pls tell me the best body lotion for my 5 years old boy. I am using Johnsons baby lotion now but I am not satisfied because recently read that Johnsons products are not good for babies. I am in Australia. Thanks in advance

I will be leaving to India by next week. I m looking to buy a lotion for my kid before leave. Pls anyone reply .

Hi Dakshu, என் மகளுக்கு Himalaya baby lotion பாவிக்கிறேன். என் மகளுக்கு 21/2 வயது ஆகிறது . Try pannuga friend.

Hi dakshu, yes Himalaya lotion is good here(india climate) but Australia climate ku suite agumanu therila .so baby shop la "mee mee" product baby lotion irukum atha try panunga en friend avunga baby ku athan use pandranga.


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