Doubt in pregnancy

hi, enaku 32 vayasu. kalyanam aahi 1 1/2 yrs aachu, hus foreignla irukar 6 months oru thadavaidhan varuvar 1 masam irupar, enaku innum klandhai pakiam kidaikala romba romba sangadama iruku, avar vara timela nanga conceive ahura madhiri symptoms theriudhu breast pain, vomittinglam iruku but periods ahuradhuku 2 or 4 days la periods aiduren. enaku romba tensiona iruku please friends enaku konjam help pannuga. enaku kulandhi vara prayer pannuga and unga advice koduga. i am waiting for your reply frds.

hai how r u. ethukum kavalai padathinga ok. nan oru tips tharen nenga periods agi 10th day la irunthu 18th day varaikum onna irunga ok. periods agurathukum 10 days before la irunthey thaniya irunga onna iruntha may be periods agalam ok. for example 10th datela periods aningana 19th to 26 th varaikum dailyum onna irukanum ok. karu muttai intha days la one day thaan velela varum ok. enaku dr kodutha advice atha ungalta solren ok. nan 6 month pregnency now. ok all the best dont worry next time unga husband varapo nenga itha follow pannunga

Thanks frd. and you made me to think good and someone is there for us to say few too take care and be happy.

thank nu and be happy always. god be with us

normally after 30 years old womens can't able to ovulate every month. so take ovulation tablets when you are try to get pregnant... ovulation takes place 14 - 16 day of M.cycle and release one egg,, in that time sperm join with egg, then fetilization and implantation takes important to know wherther your ovulation takes places in that particular month...

i got my periods every month regularly, then also is there any problem please if you know let me also know frd. and thanks for your advice to me.

even having regular periods women have lot of problem to getting pregnant, which may includes hormonal imbalance, prolem in egg release (ovlution), egg maturity, egg rupturing, sperm count, sperm quality, embriyo formation, utrus line, implantation (embryo attacment in utrus). Position during intercourse and proper intercourse needed to get conception.. the sperm want reach the egg present in fallopian tube. follopian tube present in out of the womp. so the sperm travell from cervix to fallopian tube so conception need proper intercourse... my email id;

hi dr muthugopal

dont wry prabha sonadhua neenga follow panuna some times karpam tharikalam some time adhu use ilama poidum so enaku therinja oru doctor irukuranga avanga laday specialist neenga avangala concel panunga enmail idku neenga msg panunga naan avanga number anupuran dont wry she is very specialist for ladies. my mail id

hi suganya ..chennai la neenga sonna doctor phone laye counsling panvangla..nan abroad la iruken sis..inga treatment edukren but language problem doctor ta free ah pesamudiala..

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