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weight loss pana ena pana vendum solunga friends


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Hi Shanthi....

Happy to hear that you want to reduce weight.

First thing you have to check your BMI, then you set a goal how much you have to reduce.

There are so much of things in weight loss, some of them i will tell you now, if you are interested i will continue further.

Basic things:
1. Atleast 30 min exercise daily
2. Atleast 2 lt of water daily.
3. Include lots of raw fruits and veggies in your diet.
4. Take 5-6 small meals. don't feel shy to eat every 2 -2 1/2 hrs
5. Replace white rice with healthy things like brown rice, oats, millet etc.
6. Avoid junk as much as possible
7. follow portion control in your meals
8. For every meal, try to include carbohydrate, protein and fiber.
most important
don't get stress about weight loss, it will not help you in losing weight.
don't expect the result within a day or a week, allow your body to set in the new routine
don't change your life style all of a sudden, slowly include or exclude the things from you daily routine..
set your mind for weight loss. read lots of articles about weight loss healthy diet, success stories to motivate yourself. This will help you to frame an idea
I hope these info will help you at least to some extend..
All the very best to you...

Weekly 4 days aerobics pannuga wt nalla reduce agum

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