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In what intervals I can feed foods and milk to my 9 months baby? She is eating small amount of food and milk like 100ml, 1 tbsp of cereal. If I give between 1 hour interval she is not eating.

hi vino,
how r u? have u came anything good information with your baby food? anyhow i have a baby who is 9 months old. so i think my expirience will help u. one hour interval is too less. try it in 2or21/2 hours. don,t worry about the quantity of the food.try to give balanced nutrient.try to give cheese and yoghurt in between meal times and also go for some fruits banana, avacado, apple,are good stuffs.

Thank you Sugu.

u can give foods like boiled carrots, apple, and straw berry can be given like black berry , blue berry , so they can increase the memory power i have read in one article it will be useful for u , almond,powder with sugar , u can give oats also it will improve digestive system


Thanks for your kind information Premashanmugam madam.

here i will give my baby's schedule
8.am- milk,9.30 am- brkfast,11 am - milk-1 pm - lunch-4 pm milk-5 pm snack time,6 pm- milk,8 pm- dinner,10 pm milk

but every babies r different..mine eats well with thiz scedule...some babies needs only 3 meals a day bcuz they eat in gud amount..but some will b fussy so they need 4 or 5 meals a day..but do not bore them by feeding through out a day...dunt force them if they r not intedrested...n also we shud do some tricks to make them eat...make their food colorful..some babies likes spicy ,some likes nonspicy..texture iz very important..mine likes whole cooked rice,,,,while many babies likes mashes over cooked rice...mine likes to half portion of spicy food first n half portion of sweet food next eg,ragi,oats etc...9 months old baby iz expected to drink around 25 oz of milk a day.

Food intake differ fron child to child. SO dont worry about the quantity of food taken by your child instead try to give her nutritious food. you can give her whenever she feels hungry. dont try to feed her when she is not hungry it will lead to avertion to food. let her sleep well and play well when she gets tired feed her and make her sleep. it will do. i have two kids 2 1/2 yrs and 7 mnths resp


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