Please help me friends!

Today my 36 day ,morning i did urine test i got positive result.After i saw this i am very happy and also light bit fear.It is 100% correct result.

Today we can not go to the hospital,tomorrow only i will go to the hospital and also i have little bit back pain.
Me and my husband only in home,i am in bangalore.I need to go to hospital near 25km ,can i go with bus or bike please reply friends.

And also i am only need to do all work,can i do or please advise.

congrats . bike la pogalam slow va panka.speed break irukum edathil parthu ponka.take care


Thank you friends today i went to hospital and i got positive result.Can i take rasam,lemon,amla,tomato.

Doctor told you avoid heat items only pls tell me.

Hi friends pls reply

Ana also pls reply friends can i travel by train ,i want to go my native here we can not manage today 39 days complete doctor give tablet susten sr 200 for night and also folic acid tablet again he told after come 57 days.

please friends reply

Hi friends pls reply

Train means no problem but take care don't eat chicken , ella, vellam, milk neraya kudiga badam, positive thinking is must half sugar is best next time varasonadhu baby improvement pakka erukum nee payapadathinga pa take care ma

Thank you friend and also i do not like rice items and tiffin items i like only fruits and milk whether will i get balanced diet?

Enaku theriyadhu pudikala nalum saptu dhan aganum pappa pavum ellaya pudikala na pudicha madhiri senchi sapiduma sareya jack fruit seed sapdatha, black grape sapidadha pappa cold pudikum ok va take care of my pappa

Thank you so much friend i follow your instruction.I am very happy see your advise.Sorry for the disturb please one more doubt rasam,tomato chutney sapdalama?pls pls...friend

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