advanced tripple screening

Hi sisters,

ippo yenakku 3 1/2 month completed doctor suggested to take advanced tripple screening test.

I asked y need to take nu for that she told if any defecency we can identity ny sonnaga last Saturday I give blood for test after 10days aparam tha result varummu sonnaga.any one took this test please share with me payama irukku.

before 4month i take treatment that time removed my block and give tablet for egg growt that is also good result then within 4th month I got positive result.this is my past report.

this is my first pregency after 3year this is my first pregenccy so I feel fear then at the time of ATS they measure some value of child BPD value 33.3 and FL value 18.1 please ithu normal please share ur experience

Pls friends yeravathu sollunga

Hi sathya.. neenga ketkura question ku answer theriyadhu. But I have 1 doubt.. I have tube block.. ungalukku tubla endha idathula block irundhathu? And how they removed? Pls sister naan 3 days ah romba bayathula irukken.. pls help me.

Hi sister I have block in two tube in between of both the tubes ,they did some open theatre operation not actually operation some procedure it take only 15 mins tha ,then in hospital I take 30mins rest and return back to home.then asusual we do all work,2days very very little bit blooding irukkum thats all.they charged 5500rs.

Hi sathya kadavul maadhiri vandhu enakku answer sollirukkenga.thank you very much for that. Open theater operation means laproscopy r open surgery? Or tube test pandra maadhiri pannangala? Indha procedure ku per ennapa? Next year husband ku ennaya amma veetlathaan vittuttu adhukkulla na concieve aaganum.3 months ku once thaan varuvaanga.. so naa next month doctosta idha patri pesanum.pls sathya help me..

Sorry sister I am my mother home here net problem first do not feel kandippa u got positive result, it is like tube test my doctor told this is open theatre surgery nu

Ok sathya thank you.

Hai sis intha test nanum panniruken.BPD value konjam vary ana pannuvanga.itunala babyku ethum deficiency ,anamolies iruntha munnadiye therinchukalam.dont feel.result nallapadiya varanumnu vendikuren.enaku final report risk ilanu sonnanga.nw i ve a boy baby n he s peefectly normal.

Thanks sister yennoda BPD value normala?aparam thaduppu oosi podanungala because ithu vara yentha injectionum podala

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