help me sisters im confused

i missed my period for 9 days..31st day hpt panen neg res vanthathu then hos ponen anga scan pananga neerkati mathiri iruku nu tablets kuduthirukanga periods varathku progesterone soft gelatin capsule kuduthanga antha tablet sapta next three days la period vanthirum nu sonanga bt eight days achu inum enaku periods varala thirumbavum hpt test panalama???

Just to regularize periods Drs usually give hormone tablets. After taking those tablets for 3 or 5 days u can wait atleast 12 days for getting ur next period. I have taken this so many times bcoz of irregular periods. Even after 12 days if u dint get periods den take home pregnancy test. If PCOD is there periods may not come properly. U better consult doctors for taking Siphene kind of tablets (which boosts egg growth) and check egg size from 10th day onwards by scan. This will help u.. All the very best for conceiving soon :)

In the end only 3 things matter: how much u loved, how gently u lived and how gracefully u let go things not meant for u..

Ok sis thanks fr ur advice..

Trust in god

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