karuppai neer katti santhegam

Ennaku age 24. Ennaku 20 month boy erukkan. Kadantha 2 months ah periods iregular ah varuthu.. doctor kitta poi check panni scan panni paththappa.. karuppai neer katti erukkunnu sonnanga. And then tablets yeluthi kuduthanga.. 2 months poda sonnaga.. entha karuppai neer kattia athu veetu vaithiyam mulam kunamakka mudiyum.. ? Athum spaecial a kai vaithiyam mulam kunapaduyhalama? Plz sollunga..

Hi Selvi.. I have googled about this so many times and understood this. The actual reason for this is not yet known. Its something to do with Insulin resistance (blood sugar level). Better stay away from sweets, reduce weight if u r over weight. Reduce tension, stress and be happy. Somewhere in internet given like Cinnamon powder helps to reduce cysts.If stress increases hormones change and periods become irregular. This is my personal experience too.

In the end only 3 things matter: how much u loved, how gently u lived and how gracefully u let go things not meant for u..

Oh.. i think over stress is most reason.. because past 4 month i am over stress.. that why i have this problem. I am surr yo avoid sweets and decrease the weight now i am 68 kg.. thanks for your advise.

i am also have ovarian cyst... it occur because of hormonal imbalance... first we balance the hormone. plzz avoid plastic container, refined sugar,refined wheat, coffee . consume lots of vitamin c such as oranges,kiwi etc. almonds,cashewnuts,walnut,kalarchikai,asparagus.
you will take kalarchikai for 48 days in empty stomach at morning for best result.
asparagus powder(neer vittan kilangu) mixed with milk and consume daily.asparagus powder gets from ayurvedic or siddha medicine shop. asparagus and kalarchikai helps to reduce cyst and balance the hormone..

thank you..!

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