How to save money in FD through online am in US now, Please help

Dear friends,
I am living in US and 4 months before i came with my husband. And everymonth i am saving small amount of money through RD in bank and in another 2 months i will get the maturity so i would like to save 1 lakh rupees through online in FD. If i keep the money in bank one or the other day for other purpose will spend it and also am in U.S now so want to know how to put in FD and after than i would like to say this to my husband after i got the information and idea.
It will be helpful if anyone can help.

Thank you

I am in chennai . nanum ICICI net banking la FD poturuken.First net banking ID password venum.Apuram online la Deposit nu oru option iruku.atha select pannina athulaye diffent types of FD with interest rates oda varum.nenga ungalukku virupamana duration ( how many month/year) select pannalam.

Hi Sathya,
Thank you for your reply, HDFC bank pathi theriyuma? Bank pogavendiya avasiyam ellaya? for any form submission, can we do in online itself?.. I will also check online.


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