Plan for second baby.

Hi Friends,

Enakku oru GIRL BABY year achu...Nan eppa 2n'd baby ku try pannanum.or evlo nal gap vidanum second baby ku? plz help me friends.

Hi kavi,yendha delivery nu neenga mention pannala so if normal deliv na u can plan any time...but c-sec na u have to wait 2 years adhan better nu doctor solluvanga....U check gynec also about health conditions...All the best

hi vanitha..

Thanka for ur reply.enakku normal delivary than first baby. but problem is help ku yarum illa..First baby um normala evlo nal gap vittu try panna correct ah irukkum?

Hai Kavi,

Ungaluku help ku yarum ilana atleast oru 3 years gap vadhu venum nu nanaikaren. 1 st pappa School Pogara varaikum gap vidalamnu thonudhu.

hi anguramya..

Thanks for your reply..

well said. once the first baby go to school. 3 -4 years gap is good. then only your helth also will be good.

for me there is only 2 yrs gap. i strugled a lot without help. now my younger is 4 + now only i feel better and i feel i'm healthy and active like before first child birth.

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