scanning report expansion (absorvation)

Hai everyone,

Ungaluku scanning absorvation theriyanuma just read down
AFL-Amniotic fluid level (water level of your baby)
BPD -Bipartial diameter
AC-Abdominal circumference
FL -Femoral length
FH -Fetal heart rate
HC - Head circumference

every scanning report they are mentioned in estimated baby weight that means baby weight+water weight
example; 2900+ or- 500 gr
so your baby weight 2400 grms

is it clear for all ,

1st thaks fr ur msg ithu rompa usefulla irukum oru request ennana
Afl:aminitioc fluid level(water of ur baby) ithu mari aanaithukum ungaluku therinchatha sollunga enaku atha pathi onu rendu tha theriyum athan.aprom "pouch of douglas" apdina enna pa scan report la iruku atha kekren dr ivlo breefa sollamatranga.

true love never fail

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