Is GST rates are possible in handmade products?

I need to know the GST rates for the handbags in online. I am searching more types of information and related products in online. My friend to start the online shopping and buying more handmade products. More people are doing that work from home. I am also getting interest to learn about that. My brother have supported for starting the small fancy store in my city. More students and young people are available to buy their needed products with me.
My friend also telling to get the online products with cheap rate and sale the customers here. I need to buy some bulk handbags for my store. Did you have any idea for that? I need to take the action as fast. Please tell me and given me the information about GST rates for those products. How to search the details in online. It is very important for run my business in my city. I cannot get any information about the GST rates for the handmade products. I have finding what are the products are possible to make in own and home. I have like to buy those types of things and collect the method for producing.
I am getting plan for sale my products with online. If you have required any information means please ask here. And please send me the GST rates for each type of handmade products. Join with me and tell me the required details here. I am waiting and needed some explanation about that. I have considered the more points from online. My friend is also sharing their experience and tips for me. Why GST rates are added with the handmade products. Is it true or not? Please clear my question with your answer. I need the brief explanation and description about that. Please help me
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