An issue with my Scalp - Strange

Hi everybody, Priya here. I have an issue with my scalp which is very sensitive. I had a dandruff problem before an year. I went to the doctor in India. He gave some multivitamin and strengthening tablets and injections for a month. By then, I entered US and used Indian Nizoral shampoo for almost 8 months. Everything was normal until that and i could find some growth in my hair and the pain gradually decreased but not a permanent relief. Once my shampoo was over, i tried using American Nizoral shampoo twice and noticed that i have lost almost all my hair. Was strange and was shocked. tried baby shampoo(extra conditioner). Even the leftover hairs are falling out. I told this to my cousin and she asked me to take vegetables, fruits and green leaf vegetables. But I did the same even before using Nizoral shampoo. But my scalp got extremly sensitive now. Dont know what to do. Though the water here suited me well,I have no idea to use which shampoo. Couldnt go to a doctor since we got transferred to CA. Should consult a doctor there. But which doctor should i consult? What shampoo should i use? Wuld Dove (for dry n damaged hair with conditioner) work out? Will my nerves on my scalp stop paining? What should i do for strengthening my scalp nerves? Please do let me know. Im suffering from this problem for almost 2 years.

expecting a favourable reply,

This is aasha here. It seems to be strange. But dont know how to give a permanent relief. Dont strain too much or think about that too much. Stop worrying and think for a while what u can do. its better to consult a good Phisician. But i too have no idea to consult whether an American or Inidan Phisician and their designation in this case. Hope someone would help u in this and i hope u r out of dandruff.

thank u vry much for sparing ur precious time mam. And yes my dandruff got cleared and sensitiveness is still persisting. I do hope for a good suggestion.

y no one have come up with a solution. I just cant bear by seeing my hair falling like anything.
Do someone hepl me in this. Should i consult a doctor? Which doctor?

சகோதரி ப்ரியா,
படித்த பிறகு எங்களுக்கும் வருத்தம் தான்..ஆனால் இதற்கு சரியான ஆலோசனை கொடுக்க முடியாததால் தான் தயக்கம்.
ஆனால் இடு போன்ற ப்ரச்சனைகளுக்கு ஹோமெயோபதியில் நல்ல பலன் கிடைப்பதாஅக சொல்லிக் கேட்டிருக்கிரேன்....நல்ல ஒரு ஹோமியோபத்த்ய் மருத்துவரைக் கானவும்..ஸ்கால்ப் எக்செர்சைசெஸ் நல்ல பலனளிக்கும்னு படிச்சேன்..எப்படின்னு விளக்கமா படிக்க நேரம் கிடைக்கல....அந்த லின்கை அனுப்பரேன்


hi thalika, even i have seen that link. That would be very useful for Rita, i guess.

thalika mam, thats was really a great solution after i read the article. Thank u very very much mam. Forgive me for not typing in tamil. Naan tamil-la romba weak. Studied in Hindi medium. So tamil avolova varaadhu. ellarum alaga tamil adipadhu romba aasaiya iruku, enakum type pannanum nu. Koodiya seekiram try pandren.

thank u

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