I gained weight after coming to US.
Try this diet. Have only two chappathis per meal and say 'Good bye' to rice.
You can have more vegetables
Only 6 chappathis allowed in a day.
Drink fat free milk without adding sugar.
If you feel hungry in between, have only fruits(no fruit juices) and raw vegtables.
Follow this strictly. Drink lots of water. Have two glasses of water before every meal.

Missed to tell you that I lost 5 pounds in just 1 week following this diet. Forget choclates,ice-creams and sweets.

Thanks for ur diet mssg.KavithaKannan.iam new member.

This is nissa anushath
சப்பாதி செய்ய தெரியா? நான் பெபி கெடசப்புரம் 15கிலோ குடி அஹவோ நனும் உடல் மெலிய நெரும்புர சொ ஹெல்ப் மி know i am in soudi arabiya jeddah so cant go out eat & sleep no hard woark so help me i need chappathi receppy


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