olive oil

whats difference between corn oil and olive oil? which one is best?

In general both corn oil and olive are better than other vegetable oils.
Olive oil would be best for the health perspective as it contains more monounstaurated fat vs corn oil. Here is the comparison:

CORN: 59% polyunsaturated 24% monounsaturated 13% saturated 6.4:1 unsaturated/saturated fat ratio
OLIVE: 9% polyunsaturated 72% monounsaturated 14% saturated 5.8:1 unsaturated/saturated fat ratio

It is believed that monounsaturated would reduce the blood cholesterol, LDL and increase the HDL

Am using corn oil for cooking and frying is it good using corn oil ..........just this month i bought it .........can i continue the same corn oil



I am using Corn oil. What i heard is that corn oil is reusable but i dont know about olive oil. Best thing about oil is any oil should not be reused. But some times we need to? Please any one suggest about reusing.

I used oilve oil just for cooking....like fried rice,gobi manchuriyan,mixed sevai.......thats all i didnt use it for frying .....i dont know it is reusable or not........

thanx for giving information about corn oil........



thank you very much, for giving more information

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