vomitting problem

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My Kid is 19 months old.He was premature born 35th week and his birth weight was 2.1 kg, Current weight is 9.5 kg. He was gaining weight well till he was 6 month old then started vomitting from 7th month. He will have milk or cerelac and starts vomitting the whole. Everything will come out. Slowly he had lot of hiccups then vomitting continued and even increased with semi solid feedings. Each time he vomits i will feed him again and he will refuse and finally have a little. This continues till now but definitely vomitting has come down(once in 3 to 4 days). But he is not eating anything solid. Till now i am grinding food in Mixie and giving him. I tried having solid particles in the food like mashed rice.But he is vomitting every time i try this. He want's to have finger food like adults, but even he bites biscuit and don't know how to swallow and vomits it out whatever he had previously also. So i am afraid to give him anything solid. He is very active otherwise and he has achieved other mile stones also in time.And he is extremely sensitive about food smell. He does not like smell of Raddish, Papaya etc.. there are many. He will eat only bland food like idly, rice etc..he can not accept new food.
I consulted many pediatricians regarding vomitting they say that pediatric GERD and he has to outgrow by himself. Regarding solid food they say keep trying and give him fatty foods like cheese. I don't know how to give him cheese and ghee. He does not like that and vomits. Is there anything be done for his problem. Please advice ... ?

Will be very thankful if anybody can solve my problem.Because of this i have become stressed out so much and some times cry a lot and feel very bad that i am not able to take care of him well.I want him to eat normal food like other children (not grinded one) and eat enough for his age.

Hi Jaya, Don't worry.
My son, he is 26 months old, having same Gerd probelm. He is under medication now. Now it is better.
He is very Very fussy eater. By birth he is 4 kg, nut now he is around 10.5 kg. Based on my experience I am saying, don't give anything new/solid, say biscuit immediately after his meal. Even one and half hours after meals.
This will even bring out what he had previously.
Since we you are giving mashed food, don't start unmashed food immediately. Say if you want to give him graphs, first remove the skin, make it into two three bits/ bite size shouldn't be more than a 1/4 inch and give.
Slowly say within a month or two he can eat whole graphs.
Same with biscuit, first give biscuit powdered in your hand, then slowly increase that to 1/4 inch, then give him a biscuit to bite.
This is the way I am giving for my son.
Regarding Ghee mix with food,. If he recognize the smell, first add a drop and slowly increase the amount.
About cheese, you can grate and use. Say, boil a potato. Mash potato with milk favoured with garlic salt, and add the grated cheese.
Give less quantity and increase the frequency. If you know your son can eat one idly, then give quater after that give, only if he demands. This will reduce the Vomit. Give something after one and half hours. That may be fruits, biscuits or juice.

கவலை படாதீங்க...
உங்கள் மகனின் உடல்நிலைக்காக இந்த அளவுக்கு வறுத்தபடும் நீங்க சிறந்த தாய்..y u worry that u r not taking care of him well.. சில குழந்தைகள் will eat while playing... if u can take him out of ur home.. show him all the surroundings..

at one stage u give him his food.. if he took 2 times and neaglects third time u leave him..

after 15 mins again make a try.. dont expect him to eat in a single stretch as we eat..

it takes 1 hour for me to spend with my son..

the first thing is ur patience,,,and confidence will surely turn him good...

dont worry..my son till now neglects taking ghee..

at the same time dont compare and expect him to be as other kids.. every kid is unique..

dont worry jaya... play with him well... u dont be sad and make him too.. playing will make him hungry..

everything will become normal soon..
takecare of u to take care of ur loving son.

Thanks for ur suggestions and time for replying me.

Vidya, i will try definitely as u said.Infact i am doing the same.I am giving him idly pieces soaked in milk or sambar(very small size of peas actually bit lesser than peas size) in the morning when his stomach is empty.He has two or three pieces and then says 'Uvvae'

I read in some forum (a pediatrician from US) refered the same type of problem (Swallowing without chewing and vomitting) and he had given some very good tips.I don't know whether it will work for my kid but i need to try.How is ur son. Waht's his name. My sons name is naren.He will be completing 2 years by this Dec 24.He is a happy active child other than this problem.I am also worried whether he is losing any nutritiens because of this pureed food.

From when u started giving small bite size pieces to ur son ? Is he eating normally now?
What medicines u are giving him? My pediatrician is bit relaxed and each time i mention abt this she says no need of medicine and keep trying and he will eat at some point of time.Thats true but i am fed up by giving pureed food.Also he wants to eat variety of foods as we eat but because of this he is not able to.Thats what pains me more.

Balammu -- Thanks for ur consoling words. I am really happy when i saw ur post. I have read ur posts and u are really concerned abt ur kids eating. How is ur kid eating now?I thought when i read ur post as thalika told it might be teething problem. See after a week. She might eat nicely.

Dear Admin --I forgot the Password for my user jayajeganathan. I changed the initial pwd and i think i forgot.I was not able to post any comments yesterday when i tried.So i created a new user today.Is there any option to get password by specifying userid?

It is good you didn't give any medicine. It will get cured by himself.
I am giving for past six months. First we gave Prev Acid and Metoclopramide.
Since he is doing better we discontinued Metoclopramide under doctor's advice and I am continuing Prev Acid.
Probably Naren won't like the taste of idly. Because my son won't eat bread, if he do he will vomit after two three bites. Even he won't eat idly. Very rarely he'll do. I found it out very recently only.
Morning he'll eat cereal like cheerios, fruit loops, cocoa puff, but he didn't like idly/dosa.
He'll vomit if I give scrambled egg, but he tolerates Boiled egg.
So try new food every day, with little imagine. say my son will eat only maximum 20 fruit loops so I'll add Carnation Instant Breakfast powder it the milk, to which I add cereal, so it will increase the calorie intake.
Please stop worrying about his under weight, when he is active compared to other kids.
I even quit my Software Profession (which I did for 8 years) to take care of him.
I strongly believe, definitely they will eat better. And believe, they won't stay hungry and will eat as much as they wants.
Don't ever Force them. I'll always make the mistake and worry once he throw up.
He'll eat 1/2 idly, I force him to eat one more bites, thinking how come 1/2 idly will be sufficient, ends up in throwing up everything.
The sad thing is even now a days I am stopping, once I thought, he is done with his meal. I know he'll eat only half cup rice, once he done that, I won't give any more, even if he eats.
Since that will also bring everything out. I'll give something after a hour also.
Try. Once he turned two, try send him to preschool, or take him to mommy and me classes. Seeing and involving in other activities they will do better.

A very good site to share and learn from experience, Hats of to the Admin.
Learning to type in tamil, will do soon.

Dear Vidya

Naren likes idly and Rice only. He likes only bland food without any spice.If i put a bit of chilli alone he won't eat it. He can't tolerate that spice. He eats mashed idly and rice. But not the pieces. Main problem is he does not know how to chew.If u keep a small piece in his mouth he just tries to swallow.Even if i show him how to chew he is not understanding.He just swallows and vomits.I many times considered leaving my job because of this problem.But i have my mother with me now so i am going for job. Even i give him everything measured only.Not a mg more.Otherwise he vomits everything out completely.also giving him food in 2 hours intervals.I have given his schedule below.Please suggest me if u think there can be any modifications done.

7:00 a.m --100 ml milk with pediasure
8:30 a.m --half idly with smabar
9:30 a.m --half idly with 100 ml milk
11:00 a.m sleep
12:30 p.m -- half apple and half banana with 50 ml milk mashed
2:00 p.m -- boiled egg -1
3:00p.m -- 2 tablespoon rice sambar with vegtables mixed with 50 ml curd mashed
4:00 p.m sleep
6:p.m -- 100 ml milk with Pediasure
7:30 p.m -- rice and wheat mixed with dhal
10:00 p.m -- sleep

Each feeding will take half an hour and needs great effort. Need to give frequently because he vomits out if given at one time.I tried variety of foods like bread,upma etc..nothing worked out. He tolerates only foods he is familiar with. Any new food he just vomits out or he won't even take one spoon.

Any readymade foods a straight no no for him.He just can't have the smell.I struggled a lot to feed him cerelac ,Oats museli , corn flakes etc..
Nothing happened.So i left it.Whatever he eats let him eat.Because of this food schedule i am not ablr to send him to pre school too. So i am waithing.If he eats atleast biscuit i can give him biscuits and milk and send him to playschool.I don't know when he will become normal.
Thanks for sharing ur experience vidya.If u have any suggestions to make him eat better I will be very thankful to you.

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