rgding children's physical growth

my twin daughters r aged 6 yrs but not up to the mark in height.I'm staying in Canada atpresent.I've heard that exercises like hanging from a bar r pull ups r doing rings can increase height.Pls. tell me some ways .Will giving soy protein help them taller?i've tried reading a lot of articles rgding this ht increase as i want my girls to grow a bit taller.i know its more of hereditary but still now in this age of scientific advancement and lot of awareness nothing is impossible if we try.I'm short ..only 4'9inches and my hubby is 5ft and 4 inches.My girls r 41 inches and 40 inches at this age of 6 yrs..can somebody suggest me some ways either in exercises r in giving some protein based foods which may give them some ht increase.Manasa

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