Hi friends,,Is it good to use a Body Shaper for reducing the tummy?

Hi Friends,
My weight is 58kg & i am doing mild exercise to reduce my weight.(i am trying to conceive)Can i use "Body shaper"(thick tight elastic dress to be worn on the tummy)for reducing the excess fat ?Can anybody sugeest me whether is it good or bad?

Body shaper is primarily to reduce the bulgedup look of certain body parts like upper body ( comes with a bra top) , tummy and thighs. It wont be considered as an exercise. Just when u wear good modern dress it will make you look chic. Excess fat in the tummy wont be reduced by any spot exercise. Exercising and strenght training will help you tone the body in turn make your tummy look shaped. if you are not over weight , consider doing strength training 3 times a week . This includes the abs exercises too. Hope this helped

"10 வது முறை விழுந்தவனைப் பூமி முத்தமிட்டுச் சொன்னது - "9 முறை எழுந்தவனல்லவா நீ?"..

Thank u Ella for ur suggestion.Can u tell me more
about strength training

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