What type of face cream is better to my face? My skin is slightly dry skin. So How can select it?

hai sugani
welcome to US.when i came here i too suffered a lot because of dryskin.
you can apply moisturizer after taking bath.i use JERGENS. when you buy any moisturizing cream look for extra dry skin.(normally they will have sensitive,normal and extra dryskin.)
i would suggest jergens.

and for body soap i used to use medimix which i brought from india along with me.but didn't worked here.so looked for some american soaps...and started using "OLEY". it's working great for me.(for soap also you look for the skin type which appears in the cover.)

and for face you can use the same jergens or you can go for some other face moisturizers like pond's. hope this informations help you.

How are you doing? Thanx 4 ur suggestions. I m really happy. I ll try JERGENS. Now I use OLAY face wash. Can u do me another favour to prevent hair falling? (about oil & shampoo). Where in US?

hai sugani...
for hair oil you can buy the indian brand hair oils from any indian stores near by.
and for shampoo i personally like pantene.with head & shoulder and dove i experienced hair fall a lot.
again these are all trial and error method only.
so keep on trying until u find whichever suits you.good luck

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