What dresses to get for a new born

I am expecting in three weeks. I want to know how to layer the infant for the cold weather.
Onesies should be worn inside or outside the body suit? I am in USA.What should I have bought the crib and bed.Can someone let me know what should I use to cover the crib mattress? Also, please let me know what food I should, should not take after delivery. Thank you.(Tamil la ye badhil sollunga).

first..advance congrats..you can take ask the nurse where she can explain how to use the balnket on baby..or else u can search in youtube.com u no need to add any thing in crib.just use cotton sarees..dont ever use pillows on baby..after delivary eat well as u did before..bcos u need a good food to baby's growth..dont eat too much spice or oil...dont eat root vegetables..take pretanal pills even after delivary till u stop giving ur milk to the baby..eat more garlic so that u can produce more milk..all the very best..

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